IEM Annual Dinner 2017

Last night I was attended the IEM (Sarawak Branch) Annual Dinner at Imperial Hotel Boulevard. Our company bought one table. Oh! For your information IEM is stand for Institute of Engineering Malaysia.

This is the first formal dinner I’ve attended in my 3 years of working experiences. I never attend (even company dinner) before. It is because the HQ is in Ampang and I’m at site in Johor.

At first I just feel like, I don’t want to go. But one of my BFF is coming. So, let just assume this is our mini reunion. It one year plus I haven’t meet her. The last time is a few weeks after I’m coming back to Kuching for good.

It’s dinner, so obviously it will be late. So, I booked a room at Imperial Hotel because I don’t want to ride a bot alone late at night. Booked a room through

Dress from

The event start at 6.30pm, but I go down around 7.00pm. Actually I not feeling very well. Have headace since morning during the meeting. Then need to drive along for two hours from Sematan to Bako. Packing then drive to hotel.

I cannot comment the food because I’m not sure either it because of my appetite or the food is not to my taste.

Tentative & Menu

The performace is great. The MC also funny. The lucky draw prize is amazing. But as usual, I really don’t have a luck with lucky draw. Never win once.

Dinner finished at 10.00pm. And my family arrived during that time too. So we can go to the room together.

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